Utilizing Edmodo in the Summer

As a part of entering the 6th Grade, I require students to read the book Wonder and a book of their choice. To keep students accountable, I require them to take a ten question short answer quiz when they finish each book on Edmodo. I also allow students to post questions they may have about middle school. I have found that this helps me to get to know the student’s writing before they enter my classroom in August. Students like it because they can be assessed as soon as they finish the book and they can get answers to their questions to alleviate worries. 

For a final assignment this year, I had current 6th graders make how to middle school videos. I posted these on the  6th Grade Summer Reading page for incoming students to watch and be more prepared. Some video topics were how to check grades or view comments on Edmodo, how to open a lock on your locker, and how to stay organized. 


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