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Update, Finally!


We have been so busy in 6th grade that I have barely had anytime to post! Here is what has been going on since:

– We are using our laptops for the whole class period now, using an online classroom site called Edmodo. On this site students can take assessments online and get immediate feedback, post writing assignments for editing and publishing, and chat about what they are reading, among other things! We are proud to be a completely paperless class!  The students are able to collaborate and learn more efficiently! WE LOVE IT!

– To celebrate Halloween, we studied the works of Edgar Allan Poe and enjoyed writing some scary stories. We were also able to complete some really cool webquests.

– We have read a historical fiction novel, A Break With Charity, and wrote a short story of the book from a different point of view than the book was narrated in. This book was about the Salem Witch Trials and the students learned a lot about how gossiping and lies can hurt others.

– We are also very proud of a stewardship project we just completed. We collected foods, perishable and non-perishable items from the whole school to make 22 Thanksgiving baskets for families at Russell Cave Elementary. We actually collected too much food for the baskets and were able to donate it to the Winburn Community Center to give out during the holiday season.  We assembled all of the baskets at our retreat the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and delivered the baskets to Russell Cave. We also made blessing bags for all 318 students at Russell Cave, filled with candy and pretzels and a Thanksgiving Blessing, so that the children who did not receive the baskets did not feel left out. This was a wonderful way to spend the retreat together!

– In Religion class we have been studying the Biblical background of the Mass. This has included discussion and preparation for the Roman Missal changes. We have all felt and deeper understanding of the Mass. The students feel that they can participate better now that they understand why they are saying the responses and doing the actions we do in the Mass.

– We are currently reading Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and discussing his service project. The students are working on some INSPIRING persuasive essays on why to become a better steward. I can’t wait to read them!