We were all feeling the Monday blues- but of course hearing the kids sing the “Pronoun Song” brightened my ( and hopefully the 6th grader’s) day! I was singing it as I made dinner for my husband and myself today!

In grammar we talked more about pronouns and watched my FAVORITE School House Rock video- “Rufus Xavier Sasperilla.” Of course, we all loved that!

We had a great session of Literature discussion groups today. I heard lots of great input and encouraging comments exchanged between students in the groups.

In Religion, we began talking about the story of Adam and Eve and original sin. We discussed why it is easier to sin and harder to take responsibility for our actions.  The students shared a lot of examples of times where they have struggled with this.

On a final note, I am very proud of all my Academic Team sixth graders who dominated the match tonight! Way to represent Will , Nick , Cosey , Rees , Seth, Maya,  and Jacob!


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