Classroom Update

Last night we had our first round of student led conferences. It was so cool to meet with the students and their parents.  The students did a great job taking responsibility for their work and talking about their gifts! It was a long day but seeing parents proud of their child makes it worth it! I am really for round two tonight!

In Language Arts, we are wrapping up our first book club unit. Today students are turning in an individual final writing piece. In class they will be working with their book club to write a script including all the elements of plot for a skit they will perform for the class tomorrow. They will also make a poster on recycled poster paper to advertise their book. We will be taking our big pronoun quiz today too. Hopefully all the singing has paid off! 🙂

We are all looking forward to having Fr. Gino come in this afternoon to talk about confession! I am sure we will learn a lot.

Finally, I am sure you could guess what we are all counting down for, FALL BREAK! Two more days!!