Today was our first discussion day for our “book clubs.” This went really well! It was awesome for me to hear all the kids get so excited about the books they are reading.  They were actually having thoughtful conversations about literature! Go figure? It was really cool to hear The Giver group discuss and get excited for their book because this is my favorite book of all time. I just love the way Lois Lowry writes! I wish we could do this all day, every day!

We also reviewed noun concepts for a test Thursday. I think that the kids are starting to finally understand noun complements: direct objects, indirect objects and predicate nouns. I just love to see that light bulb come on! I have learned that the key to understanding grammar is LOTS of drill! We try to make it as fun as we can by going around the room to share our answers. We have also helped each other learn ways to think through identifying the job a noun does.  We ask “did what?” for direct objects and “to whom?” for indirect objects. We are finally getting in that habit.

I could talk about the fun we are having all day, but LOTS of literature short story tests to grade! Say prayers that the kids do well on the Creation Story test this afternoon! 🙂


One response to “9/27/11

  1. Hey mrs. taylor u r awsome the best teacher evr hope u read this to the class in english class

    thanks John Whittle

    P.S. sorry for the spelling

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