Pronoun Song

We are getting ready to learn about pronouns next week. We recorded this song to help us memorize them all! Warning- it will get stuck in your head! Pronouns Song


God’s Creation

Yesterday the sixth grade had an awesome day discussing God’s creation. It was a sunny, gorgeous day, so we just had to go out an experience it! We read Dr. Suess’s book The Lorax, and discussed how we can respect and care for God’s creation. We talked about how God gave Adam and Eve dominion over the Earth, which comes with huge responsibility. The kids shared ideas about how they would be responsible¬†for Creation. Some ideas shared were: composting, using recyclable storage containers for lunch, walking or riding bikes, using e-readers instead of books, and just recycling! We will be putting our ideas into action next week as we make signs on recycled poster board advertising where to recycle at Oktoberfest, displaying those signs and then helping to clean up litter from the event.



Just finished grading Literature and Religion tests. Students did VERY well on a challenging test. I can tell they studied and really knew the stories. Religion test Chapter  2 grades were much improved this round compared to the Chapter 1 test grades! I think 6th grade is adjusting well to middle school and really learning how to study and manage their time well! Keep it up kiddos! I am so very proud of you!

I am looking forward to book club discussion day two and to see how you do on your nouns test tomorrow!

What do you think?

I wanted to try out this survey, so tell me what is your favorite part of Oktoberfest?